David A. Nelson

Oakland, CA, USA,


Software professional with over 25 years of diverse application experience in Mobile, Enterprise, Server, Internet, and Personal Computer systems seeking Android Developer opportunities. Excellent problem solving and communication skills.



Mobile - Android Android SDK, Location, Google APIs (Maps, overlays), Layouts (XML, in code, and custom View and ViewGroup), Activities, Intents, Intent Filters, WebView, Http Client, Web Services, SQLite database, Contact Content Provider, SDCard access, Threads(AsyncTask, Timer Task, handlers, Services) Camera, Compatibility Library v4: ViewPager


JDK 1.1-1.5, JDBC2.0, JSP/Servlets; XML, DOM, SAX, XSLT, XPath, Xlinks, Xpointers, Xerces, Xalan, XT, XP


  • Client: Java, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript (JQuery), WML, HDML
  • Middle: Java/J2EE/JSP(SerletExec, Tomcat 5,6,7), PHP, ASP(IIS), JDBC
  • Back: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access2000, InterBase

Windows NT/2000 Server/2003 Server

SQL Server 2005 - Stored Procedures, Triggers, Management Studio Express, Business Intelligence Development Studio (verson 7 and 2000 - SP, Triggers, DTS, Agent Jobs, jdbc), IIS(4, 5, 6), ASP, ServletExec, eXcelon, Versata

Linux familiarity

Apache, Postfix, Emacs, bash, Inetd, SSH

Older Skills:


IBM AS/400 OS/400

RPG/400, CL, SQL, DDS, SDA, FDA, OfficeVision/400, Premenos EDI

HP3000 MPEiX

Cognos Powerhouse, Cobol, Turbo Image database, Plus, Command Files, MPEX, Security3000, Jobpak, Telamon (Sync, Async), HPDesk programming, EDI Solutions, Netbase, SNA, NRJE, FAX3000, Visimage

PC MSDOS Windows

C, Windows 3.1 API, Win32, Assembly, Turbo Pascal, BASIC, Access97,dBase IV, spreadsheet programming, LAN (TCP/IP & PPP troubleshooting and configuration)


Oracle 7.3.4, SQL

Employment History

David Nelson Software Services, Oakland, CA

Owner/Consultant/Developer (2004-present)

Android Developer (2011-present)

Android Self Published App, First published summer 2011, GasLogger allows user to save gas fillup data. (Market Link: http://goo.gl/1XdZM) More Information: gaslogger.davidnelson.biz. App demonstrates:  basic database CRUD functionality, map with overlays, location services, web service (JSON), content provider (contacts) usage, Internet access, and SDCard access

Google Android Development (Java, February 2011 - present)

Other Clients:

Napa Valley College DSP&S Department, Napa, CA: under contract 2003-2010

Java Projects under R/D (spare time projects):


JobSpring Partners, Inc, San Francisco, CA

Consultant (September 2011)

Dynamic Web Developer, Client: Extractable, Inc, San Francisco

Napa Valley College, Napa, CA

PC/Web Programmer (2002-2003)

Legendary Systems, Oakland, CA

Software Engineer - Java (1999-2002)

ACS Logistics

Systems Analyst (1998-1999)

Responsibilities include research, analysis, writing technical documentation, testing for a multi-tiered Java based Internet application.


NOL Neptune Orient Lines (USA), INC.1990 - 1998

Systems Analyst (1996 - 1998)
Responsibilities included research, analysis, writing specifications, programming, testing, debugging and documentation on HP3000 computer system. Research and resolve user reported production problems in EDI/Applications group.

Senior Programmer/Analyst (1993 - 1996)
Office Automation/EDI group

Programmer/Analyst. (1990 - 1993)


Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, Connecticut.
May 1990 Bachelor of Science Computer Science